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Why East Coast Auto Styling?

Chris "Izzy" Izaguirre began wrapping roofs in the backyard of Boston and has now morphed his passion into a full service vinyl wrapping business. As a local car enthusiast his ECAS decals can be seen adorning Volkswagens, Audis, and more; all of which he has personally worked on. From a roof, to trim, to a full vehicle wrap, Chris places the same care into each car that he would give to his own. You can call or email us for a quote, visit our social media pages, arrange for a pick up/drop off, or simply let us come to you and go about your daily life as East Coast Auto Styling transforms your car.

At Your Service

300+ Colors & Finishes

Customize your vehicle and stand out from the crowd.

Multi-Step Process

We don't rush any job. We take time and care into every wrap.

Lettering & Signs

We can also help with lettering & sign printing!

We're Mobile

We can bring the vinyl wrap to you!

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